Toddler Activities

Yes, there are educational activities your toddler can engage in during homeschool time.  Homeschooling a toddler does not have to be academic or formal education.  It can be so fun and memorable for them, as well as older siblings.

Toddlers are enriched by activities that support these areas: Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Mental & Emotional Development, Sensory Development, Academic Encouragement, and Tender Loving Care!...

GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT (Physical education)

 - Playgound time. Personally, I am not a fan of playgrounds.  I have anxiety about what dirty things they will find on the floor or what kind of crazy people or kids they will encounter. Haha! But such is life I guess.  I force myself to take them to parks once in a while.  They have fun and get that exercise they need.
 - Outdoor/Nature exploration.
 - Tunnels and tents.  This can be done with blankets and furniture or moving boxes. Help them figure out how to build forts or tunnels and let them explore.
This is an inexpensive and easy to store 6-foot Play Tunnel.
- Playing catch.  Just rolling a ball around the floor is very entertaining for the little ones.  Make a counting, or word association game while rolling, to involve older kids.

FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT (Art/Crafts projects)

 - My favorite arts and crafts projects are the ones with the least amount of prep and clean-up time.  Haha. But obviously any type of art or craft for toddlers will probably be messy.  To my fellow OCD mommies: Take a deep breath, and say "It's okay to be messy sometimes."  Your toddler will appreciate the freedom, and you will probably get extra cuddles and hugs that day. ;)
Here is a link to my favorite paint for toddlers, because it is non-toxic and gives vibrant colors..
Crayola Washable Kids Paint set of 10
  • Shredding paper and gluing together a collage
  • String painting
  • Finger Painting
  • Peeling tape off - This may sound random, but I take painters tape or different colors of masking tape and stick pieces all over a table and let the kids go at it.  Toddlers instantly want to peel.  Great development for those little fingers. 
  • Coloring - Whenever I get a big cardboard box, I set it aside to take apart later and let my kids color it up.  For some reason, different surfaces to color on can be much more exciting than just paper or coloring books.  My kids love this one.


 - Children LOVE to sing and dance.  They just do.  Their little artistic souls will appreciate it if you try to initiate singing time or music time at least a couple times a week.
 - I like to have a tub of toddler instruments for some free play music time.  Easy and fun for them.
 - Putting on music and breaking out some crazy dance moves will get your toddler smiling and giggling.  They will inevitably make up their own dance moves and have a blast.  I think this is integral to developing confidence and self esteem in a child.  Let them be silly and energetic.  I aim to establish a household of creativity and expression.  Judgements and humiliation will not be tolerated in my home.  Even my husband has learned to belt out some Disney songs with no shame! :)
 - Here is a list of my favorite songs that toddlers love to learn and sing over and over again (in my experience, toddlers enjoy hand motion songs the best)...


  • Reflection time - Just sitting in front of a mirror is so fun for babies and toddlers.
  • Shaving cream - This is my favorite sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers.  It gets messy but is easy clean up with a wet towel and leaves your home smelling great! I just use white shaving cream because I don't want to worry about staining, but I've seen others drop food coloring into the shaving cream, which can be fun for the kids to mix. Here is a great deal on for shaving cream...
  • Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel (Pack of 6)
  • Tub of dry beans or rice - Warning: Be aware that rice can be a nightmare to clean up.
  • Playdough
  • Flubber
  • And guess what? I guarantee that if you have a toddler, you are engaging them in sensory activities everyday...everytime they sit to eat a meal. ;)


 - Read, read, read! Keep reading to your little one.  I believe the more this is part of your daily routine, the more your children will grow to love books, reading, and learning.
 - Sometimes I would just pile books around my little one and let her explore the pages.
 - Counting. Make it a habit to count everything.  It's the little things in your routine that get absorbed and remembered.
 - Sorting.  You can use toys, legos, etc.  And the dollar store has different colored containers that work perfectly fine for sorting.  Preschoolers and toddlers can do this together and enjoy it.


 - Here is where I show my inner hippie.  I am a believer in mind, heart, and spiritual intellect.  If we play and interact with our young children through expressing love, praise and encouragement, I believe those little minds will open and be more accepting of education and progress.  Children with happiness and confidence are energetic and eager to engage in activities.  Through providing a loving supportive home, we can help make our kids world and future a better place.  Like John Lennon stated: "It's easy." ;)

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