Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting Crafty at Snack Time

     Here is a perfect example of planting the seed of creativity and letting it grow. ---

     As per our usual daily routine, the baby went down for nap and the girls sat down for a snack.  Cheese crackers were the snack of choice.  As they crunched on their crackers, Marley started a series of curiosity questions.

"Why are the crackers square?"
"Why are they orange?"
"How do they make them?"
♫"How do they maaaake these crackerrrrs?"♫ (And Marley sang this question to the tune of "That's How You Know"...fans of the movie Enchanted will know why this is hilarious) ;)

     I LOVE when my kids ask questions! It's a wonderful sign of enthusiasm to learn.  I try to answer them to the best of my ability, but we often have to research online to find the answers.  Researching makes up a big part of our homeschooling.

     Then she asked "Why is there a hole in the middle of these crackers?" All of the sudden she lit up and said, "Mommy, I have a great idea!" Lets get some string and make cracker necklaces.  Um, brilliant!  How could I argue with this eureka moment she was having? Haha. Done!
     I brought out the fishline and scissors and the girls had a lot of fun making cheese cracker jewelry together.  

     Then, as always, after the activity was over Marley sat down at the table and wrote about it in her Learning Journal.
     I am so grateful to witness these moments and to see my children's thoughts flourish.  I hope they always feel empowered to express their ideas and feel supported in their creativity.

     FYI, this is the best video we found to watch about how cheese crackers are made:
     - How It's Made: Sandwich Crackers

     And here is an interesting video about crackers that has a more scientific research approach:
     - Crackers by Foodsky: The Science of Food and Drink

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