Monday, November 10, 2014

Fellow Mommies, I Need Your Help!

     Some of you probably know that I am expecting my 3rd baby soon.  Today I hit 37 weeks! Yay, home stretch! But the closer I get to the finish line, the more I realize how much I am in need of some mom wisdom and advice.  Here are some questions I have for all the moms out there, and I would love it if you could leave me a comment giving me your heartfelt opinions and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

1.  My Motivation Is Dwindling.
     The closer I get to my due date, the more flakey I get.  I am tired and find it difficult to be motivated.  I have a great homeschool curriculum planned out for the year and I have ideas and goals for my blog, but I find myself thinking, "Oh, I just can't wait to lay down!"  I do not want to let this pregnancy negatively affect my homeschooling or my blog.  How do you handle pregnancy, childbirth, a new baby while trying to maintain homeschooling or a blog or other responsibilities?  Do you have any good suggestions on how to balance motherhood with the rest of life?

2.  From Two To THREE!
     I am a little scared of growing from two children to three children.  Is there anything I should know about the transition?  Do you still go grocery shopping with all three kids?  Is that chaos?  I have heard of attachments for double strollers, but are they really necessary? Or can I just expect my 4 year old to walk alongside me?  

3.  Minivan Placement.  
     Random, I know, but I have a newish awesome Honda Odyssey and I am puzzled with where to put the baby.  We have had our minivan for a few months now, but I am wondering what the most efficient placement would be for three kids.  All three in the front row? Would the kids bug each other? One in the back? Maybe the oldest in the back so she can start learning how to buckle herself in?  I dunno.  What kind of placement would you use?

4.  42 Week Gestation. :(
     Yes, my body insists on keeping the babies in for almost an extra two weeks.  My first daughter was 12 days late and my second daughter was 10 days late.  I wish I could say that I think this one will be early, but I highly doubt it.  Maybe a week late if I'm lucky? And then even when my labor starts, I have very long, difficult labors.  My first born was 21 hours of labor, and my second was 30 hours of labor (all of it, extremely painful and not much progress in terms of dilation). *sigh* Not fun.  I feel like I have tried so many ways of naturally inducing labor, but they have not worked for me. It's as if my body does not know how to give birth.  HOWEVER, I am open to any suggestions ladies! Give me your go to ways of kicking your labor into gear! Trust me, I am listening with eagerness.  And I will let you know if anything worked.  What are some natural techniques that have worked for you?

5.  It's A Boy!
     I have two daughters.  This will be my first experience with a son.  I am looking forward to the adventure.  But I have heard that boys are so different from girls.  Is that really true or are all kids different from each other? Tell me what you think?  Are there any suggestions that might help prepare me for the differences, if any?  I currently use Huggies diapers and they have been great, but do the boy parts sit differently and require another type of diaper?  Haha.  I'm sure these sound like silly questions, but I feel confused.  Moms of boys, share your wisdom with me. ;)

6.  Exercise Junkie.
     I cannot wait to get back to the gym!  I actually have dreams about running and feeling the burn in my legs again, and it feels so nice.  I won't be able to join a gym right away due to financial reasons, and I know I can't jump right back into running or dancing, but I need to get back to being active asap.  Are there any great free online workout programs for postpartum moms?  I hate sitting around feeling helpless.  I would love some recommendations to exercise programs for childbirth recovery.

7.  Am I missing anything?
     I'm sure I have thousands of questions going through my mind about adding another child to our family, but lately I am a forgetful mess of weirdness..."mom-nesia" at its finest.  By the way, that IS a real condition. You can read more about it at "Babies Can Cause Momnesia." Haha.  My husband didn't believe me, so I had to find some supporting facts. ;)  If you can think of anything else that might be helpful to a mom adding a third child, please leave your comments for me!  I am thankful for the wonderful support system that is available through online networking and social media.  I would greatly appreciate any supportive advice.


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